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All SIEGER surgical products are unconditionally guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. Any instrument which proves defective when used for its intended purpose will be repaired or replaced at no charge, at the sole discretion of SIEGER.

This guarantee is void if instruments are not maintained or repaired properly, or if they are not used for their intended surgical purpose.

Titanium instruments

Different shades of blue may be found on our various anodized SIEGER titanium instruments. This is not a defect, but a phenomenon which can occur due to any slight variation of manufacture technique or alloy composition. This is a cosmetic characteristic only, and does not compromise the high quality of your SIEGER titanium instruments. The original color of titanium is silver.


Do not cut suture, gauze, or wire with scissors unless it is designed to cut those materials. SIEGER titanium scissors are guaranteed for one year. Should it be needed, the scissors will be refurbished and sharpened at no charge during the one year.


To maintain optimum operating condition and to protect your guarantee of SIEGER instruments, we recommend the following along with your general maintenance:

1. Do not allow blood to dry on the instruments.

2. Do not use a mechanical engraver to mark the instruments.

3. Have these instrument repaired, refurbished or sharpened only by a SIEGER authorized facility.

4. Be sure to sterilize and store all instruments in the open or unlocked position.

5. Be certain all delicate tipped instruments are protected during storage and sterilization.

6. Instruments must be used for ití»s intended purpose only.